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Tactical Concealed Carry Course

An eight hour course between the classroom and on the range to equip you with the proper knowledge, skill and techniques to protect yourself and your family.

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Military & Law Enforcement techniques and tactics

As a law-abiding and legally armed citizen, you will learn how to properly defend yourself and loved ones against a threat. Most importantly, in this course you will focus on your mindset. Being properly armed with the most important weapon of all: yourself.

You will learn threat identification, situational awareness, threat mitigation, weapons handling and manipulation; malfunction clearing and reloads. You will also learn the proper support hand use and reacting to a threat with a loved one or child. Lastly, you will be introduced to unique firing positions and imminent threat contact defensive shooting.


Empower Yourself

Meet Requirements:

This course meets the Wyoming & Colorado requirements for a concealed carry permit granting reciprocity to appropriate states throughout the nation. Through out the course we will cover the legality of concealed carry within the states of Wyoming & Colorado.


This course is split between learning both in the classroom and on the range. We know it is vital to not only understand the laws, techniques and tactics but to practice them in a supportive and comfortable environment. That’s why time learning will be split equally between each location.




A defensive mindset


Practical drills for everyday life



Confidence with a firearm


Knowledge of calibers, brands & equipment


All Firearms Training Courses are held in Nunn, Colorado.

Hours in the classroom


hours on the range


minimum rounds





 “The personalized training that my wife and I received was outstanding- far beyond what we anticipated. We left the course with a much higher degree of confidence. Definitely received far more than what I paid for!”

JEFF R. – Student

“Tim and Nila did a wonderful job throughout the entire course! Their training was concise, to the point, and so practical. Especially appreciated the female perspective and the course training with several different scenarios. I now feel confident in my choice to carry.”

Becky L. – Student

 “Nila and Tim are well trained professional instructors and are a lot of fun to spend the day with too! This is an excellent class for beginners and for people interested in protecting their families at and away from home.””

PERRY H. – Student

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Tactical Concealed Carry Course

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