Be prepared.

Safety team tactics training for businesses & houses of worship

Assemble emergency procedures and guidelines for safety and security team personnel.

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Ensure the Safety of the People & Assets Within Your Care

Self-defense is not something you want to think about when it comes to your business or house of worship, but the truth is it is absolutely necessary in order to protect those you care about and are responsible for. We will walk with you step-by-step to assemble emergency procedures and guidelines for safety and security team personnel specific to your needs. We will train you on the mindest of defending your business or House of Worship and will always be readily available in the future as a great resource of information.


Protect Your Community



Standard operating procedures (SOP’s)


The necessary mindset to defend your business or house of worship


Ensure every safety team member is on the same page as far as response to a threat



Confidence with a custom emergency plan that meets your business or house of worships specific needs


Clear and concise guidelines for your safety and/or security personnel to follow


Range portion to understand how to utilize a firearm safely within a crowd of people


$200 per person

Additional training

Range Training is also Available to ensure safety team tactic cohesiveness.


“Tim and Nila were amazing instructors. Answered all questions, were very professional and you could tell they knew what they were talking about. I look forward to taking another class with them!


GEOFF- Student

“Y’all did a great and wonderful job explaining everything and were very knowledgeable about it all! I would do it again in a heart beat. By far the best experience and wouldn’t go to anyone else. Y’all made me feel at ease and comfortable. God Bless you both.” 

Brandon B.- Student

“It was an amazing experience! This husband/wife duo are a wealth of knowledge and experience! I finished this class feeling confident and prepared.”


Liz G.- Student

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Safety Team Tactics Training for Businesses and Houses of Worship

Nunn, CO

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