Advanced Tactical Pistol Course

student at shooting range resilient security solutions

Advanced Pistol Tactics Course:

These courses are meant to enhance your foundation on this weapon system. This 8-hour course is technique and drill-heavy, meant to push your limits, expand your learning on malfunctions, unorthodox positions, shooting-moving-and-communicating, and further familiarize you with that specific platform.


 This course is meant to solidify foundational shooting and push your limits while expanding your learning on malfunctions. You will learn and practice unorthodox positions, shooting, moving, and communicating. This eight-hour course is technique and drill-heavy meant to enhance your foundation on this weapon system.


A defensive mindset

Practical drills for everyday life

Confidence with a firearm

Knowledge about firearm calibers, brands + equipment

Drills to expound upon prior skills.

Unorthodox positions

Working through malfunctions

Dominant and support hand manipulation

Equipment Needed:

  1. Semi Auto firearm with 3 magazines minimum
  2. Holster
  3. Magazine pouches.
  4. 500 Rounds per student
  5. Eye and Ear Protection.
  6. Food/Drink needed for the day