Tactical Concealed Carry Course
This course meets the Wyoming & Colorado requirements for a concealed carry permit granting reciprocity to appropriate states throughout the nation and will cover the legality of concealed carry within Wyoming & Colorado. Throughout the tactical conceal carry course the techniques and tactics of military and law enforcement will be discussed so that you, a law-abiding and legally armed citizen may properly defend yourself and loved ones against a threat. Most importantly, this course will focus on your mindset: being properly armed with the most important weapon of all: yourself. We will cover threat identification, situational awareness, threat mitigation, weapons handling, and manipulation, malfunction clearing and reloads. We will also support hand use and reacting to a threat with a loved one or child. We will cover unique firing positions and imminent threat contact defensive shooting. This course is approximately 8 hours and is split equally between the classroom and range portion: $125. 100 rounds minimum.

Advanced Pistol Tactics Courses: 
These courses are meant to enhance your foundation on this weapon system. This 8-hour course is technique and drill-heavy, meant to push your limits, expand your learning on malfunctions, unorthodox positions, shooting-moving-and-communicating, and further familiarize you with that specific platform. $200, 6 shooters minimum, 300 rounds minimum.

Safety Team Tactics training for businesses and Houses of Worship: 
The purpose of a safety team is to ensure the safety of the people and assets within your care. We will walk with you, step by step, through the mindset of defending your business or House of Worship. We will help assemble emergency procedures and guidelines for safety/security team personnel and always be a resource in the future. Range training is also available to ensure safety team tactic cohesiveness. $100 per person, 200 rounds minimum. 

All Firearms Training Courses are held in Nunn, Colorado.