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From personal home inspections to hands on tactical training to seminars for your community we have your security and safety needs covered. We offer a variety of services with the ability to adapt and tailor it to each client’s specific and unique needs. Helping out clients become resilient and secure is our top priority.

Home Assessment Checklist

All our expertise packaged up for an easy DIY assessment of your own home.


Part education and part hitting the range. Our courses are in depth and will leave you feeling confident in your skills.


A thorough and in-depth assessment of your home, business or house of worship with cost-effective solutions for any risks we uncover.


Partnering with cities, counties and towns to aid the community in preparedness and education in a variety of topics.

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lisa s.

“Tim and Nila are very informative with the Legal portion of the Concealed Carry Class. They have a passion for family safety and give a number of real life examples to inform you of what can happen. I rented a firearm, safety glasses and ear protection, they cover all the necessary items needed. I was scared to pull the trigger the first time, but they took the time and were very helpful to overcome the fear. This class is great for the first-timer.”

perry h.

“Tim and Nila did an excellent job and made my 5 member family feel very safe and comfortable through the entire CCP course. We would all highly recommend. Nila and Tim are well trained professional instructors and are a lot of fun to spend the day with too! This is an excellent class for beginners and for people interested in protecting their families at and away from home.”

leah l.

“Tim and Nila are very passionate and thorough with the training they provide. They provide everyday situations to help you prepare for the unexpected. They are very personable and relatable. They have high quality rentals should you not have your own. I would highly recommend if your looking to tune up your skills or acquire a new skill set.”



“Tim and Nila were amazing instructors. Answered all questions, were very professional and you could tell they knee what they were talking about. I look forward to taking another class with them!”

becky l.

“Tim and Nila did a wonderful job throughout the entire course! Their training was concise, to the point, and so practical. Especially appreciated the female perspective and the course training with several different scenarios. I now feel confident in my choice to carry.”

sky h.

“Tim and Nila were professional, knowledgeable, and very experienced. Their focus on family and practical skills and knowledge was very appealing to me. Their recommendations of various firearms and equipment was invaluable and made evident their extensive experience.”

kitty e.

“I’m very happy with the course I took. They have great teachers that work together to bring the concealed carry class great results. Thank you Tim and Nila!”

robert a.

“Having attended CCP classes and 2 Law Enforcement Academies in Texas prior to being transferred to Colorado 2 years ago, I consider my one day instruction with Rhoades more detailed and person friendly than any previous instruction received. Highly recommended and very well done in all respects for both male and female attendees.”

liz g.

“I took the conceal carry course and it was an amazing experience! This husband/wife duo are a wealth of knowledge and experience! I finished this class feeling confident and prepared.”