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Fear & Anxiety Mitigation Seminar

 Through education comes confidence and peace.

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Find Confidence & Peace of Mind

This seminar focuses on the fear and anxiety that sometimes comes with the thought of self-defense and defending one’s family. We will walk through key concepts found in our Mindset Seminar and the Personal Safety Seminar to bring a complete understanding to those that are new to safety, security and self-defense. Through education comes confidence and peace. Move forward confidentially and without fear.


Relieve Your Anxiety



A 2-hour seminar including a Question + Answer portion to address any questions and talk to specific scenarios that fit the audience.


An in-depth training that provide you with the knowledge and confidence to face self-defense and personal safety.



This seminar walks through key components and concepts shared in our Mindset and Personal Safety Seminars.


This practical seminar equips you with the tools and strategies needed to mitigate your fear and anxiety surrounding defending yourself and your family.



Practical tools + strategies

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A professional training that will equip you with tools and strategies to face your fears and anxiety that have popped up due to self-defense and defending your family.  We focus on educating those that are new to the safety and security aspects, because we believe that knowledge is power. And with it comes the relief of the common fear and anxiety surrounding this industry.

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