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Family Safety Workshop:

Kidnapping and human trafficking are on the rise. Learning how to protect our family and give children the room to experience life can be a challenging balance. In this pre-recording webinar, Nila has partnered with Becky Lauridsen, a licensed counselor and founder of IOME to bring the most relevant information on communication with your children. Nila brings personal safety information tips from the FBI, CIA, Operation Underground Railroad, and many other resources.

Topics covered in this webinar also include threat identification, suicide prevention, and conversation, bullying prevention and conversation, defensive mindset for parents and children, how to be a hard target for parents and children, and tips for talking with your children through all the tough situations in life.


This nearly 2-hour long zoom recording walks through many tough topics and may not be suitable to watch within earshot of children.  

Reach out to Becky Lauridsen at: