Mindset Seminar:

Our mindset seminar is a great aid for all walks of life. This seminar walks through threat identification, situational awareness, critical problem solving, and specific-to-the-client discussions. We also cover the industry standard OODA loops, Cooper’s Color Codes, and much more. Furthermore, we want to ensure that all your questions get answered so there is a built-in Q&A portion at the end to talk specific scenarios that fit the audience.  $250 for a 2-hour seminar.

Personal Safety Seminar:

This seminar is by far our most practical. We will walk through digital safety for yourself, your family, your home, house of worship, or business. This seminar covers how to identify risky situations, how to mitigate those situations, realistic tools that you can implement immediately. Also covered are active shooter training and workplace violence training. There is also a Q&A portion built in to cover specific scenarios for the audience.  $250 for a 2-hour seminar.

Fear & Anxiety Mitigation Seminar:

This seminar focuses on fear and anxiety surrounding self-defense and the defense of one’s family. Through education come confidence and peace. We walk through concepts from the Mindset Seminar and the Personal Safety Seminar to bring an understanding to those who are new to safety, security, and self-defense. There is also a Q&A portion built in to cover specific scenarios for the audience. $250 for a 2-hour seminar. 

kidnapping mitigation

Family Safety Workshop:

Kidnapping and human trafficking are on the rise. Learning how to protect our family and give children the room to experience life can be a challenging balance. In this pre-recording webinar, Nila has partnered with Becky Lauridsen, a licensed counselor and founder of IOME to bring the most relevant information on communication with your children. Nila brings personal safety information tips from the FBI, CIA, Operation Underground Railroad, and many other resources.

Topics covered in this webinar also include threat identification, suicide prevention, and conversation, bullying prevention and conversation, defensive mindset for parents and children, how to be a hard target for parents and children, and tips for talking with your children through all the tough situations in life.