Frequently Asked Questions


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my own gun to your courses?

Yes, if you’d prefer to bring your own gun for any of courses you can. It just needs to be a Semi-Auto firearm with 2 mags total.

I don't have a gun, Can I rent one?

Yes! We offer high quality semi-auto firearms to rent for the duration of your selected course. It’s just an additional $15 fee.

I'm a little nervous about handling a gun, is this course for me?

Absolutely! We have trained people across all skill levels from experts to those who have never shot a gun before. We are there with you every step of the way to ensure you not only know the correct tactics but feel comfortable and safe the whole time!

I'm interested in the Advanced pistol tactics course but don't meet the 6 shooter minimum, is there anything I can do?

Please contact us and we may be able to work with you!

Do you offer refunds for courses?

Something come up and you can’t make the course? Call us to reschedule! Or maybe you changed your mind- that’s OK. We offer full refunds on all courses with a 72-hour notice policy.

What if it rains on our scheduled range day?

Not to worry we will simply reschedule to a later date (this rarely ever happens!)

What time are the courses held?

All of our courses run approximately from 8am-4 pm

Where are the courses held?

All of our courses are currently held at Great Guns Sporting in Nunn, Colorado.

How much will my house/business vulnerability & risk assessment cost?

This depends on a variety of factors and mainly dependent on your location size. Fill out our consultation form for your desired assessment and we will get in touch with you to go over all of these details and give you a custom quote for your property.

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