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Home Risk & Vulnerability Assessment Checklist

A complete checklist of assessing your own home’s security. Complete with practical and cost-effective tips on ways to enhance your home’s safety and security.

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Keep Your Home & Family Safe

If you have ever wondered how safe your home is, but didn’t want to hire a security consultant to do a risk and vulnerability assessment, you’re not alone. We have created a risk and vulnerability assessment checklist for you to perform on your own house and property. This will help you to identify your vulnerabilities as well as provide you practical, cost-effective mitigation tips to enhance the safety and security of your home.


Protect Your Property



Thourough examination of your home exterior and easy to implement tips for improving security measures


A complete checklist of saftey and security measures to check inside your home



Best security practices for your personal vehciles


Clear and concise guidelines for your family to follow to ensure safety and protection of your loved ones

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Protect your home and property. Professional tips that will give your family an action plan to ensure safety and security, but most importantly will give you peace of mind.