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The Community Resiliency Education Program is designed to partner with town, city, or county leadership to aid in getting disaster preparedness information into the individual households of that community. This program is designed to be an inexpensive delivery method of information already available through FEMA and other government agencies. Through community-wide education comes lower fiscal responsibilities after disaster strikes.


This program is very customizable. From the topics, formats, length and frequency of sessions to venues. This program can be tailored to fit into any group, community, business, organization or church to give out the information needed for disaster mitigation and resiliency. All in a way that speaks to the intended audience.


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Available Presentations


72-hr Sustainability


Electromagnetic Pulse

Mass Attacks in Crowded Places

Power Outages

Radiological Dispersion Device

Social Unrest

 Pastoral Care Workshop



Natural Disasters



Extreme Temperatures



Home Fires

Severe Storms

Severe Wind





Winter Weather



Cyber Security/ Digital Safety

Financially Preparing for Disaster

House of Worship Protection

Household Chemicals

Small Business Disaster Planning

Talking to Children About Disasters



customize to fit your audience

Special programs can also be written for the intended audience if there is a specific or unconventional topic that the organization would like addressed.