Tim Rhoades currently serves in the United States Army. He has a background airborne infantry and reconnaissance operations, force protection, and physical security. He has conducted diplomatic security missions in high-threat environments a team leader, firearms instructor, and operations chief. He is a certified ‘Train-the-Trainer’ with the United Nations and has deployed to various countries during his time with the United States Army and the Department of State. Tim is also an NRA certified pistol instructor and federally certified firearms instructor.

Nila Rhoades has been an avid shooter her whole life. When they welcomed their first child into their lives, she recognized the need for self-defense training in a more technical and tactical method. Nila is the primary classroom instructor for Resilient Security Solutions where she specializes in home and family safety training with regards to the family and firearms. Nila conducts tactical training courses for women’s defensive pistol training. Nila is a well-versed in advanced tactical and security courses with a focus on the need for situational awareness and preparedness for the real-world threats that exist. She has experience in church security management and childcare/daycare security and access control. She is an NRA certified instructor. She also has a master’s degree in Homeland Security & Emergency Disaster management. She also has a graduate certificate in Counterterrorism.